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Pharmafilm S.r.l.

Sector: medical devices

Established: 2003

Share capital: € 10,000 Unimi share capital: € 1,000

Profit / Loss for the year: (2010) € 1,946.62; (2009) € 5,283.29; (2008) € 16,465

Activities: Pharmafilm develops new technologies for the development of therapeutic systems suitable for the administration of one or more active ingredients. In particular, Pharmafilm's activities have led to the creation and development of three different patented products: fast dissolving oral films; bio-adhesive microparticulate systems; hydrophilic adhesive matrix suitable for the development of transdermal patches. The company caters to the pharmaceutical and medical product industries.

Operational contact: Dr. Francesco Cilurzo, Tel. +39 02.503.24635


MultiplyLabs. Inc

Sector: Robotic / Pharmaceutical

Established: 2016

Share capital: not available

Unimi share capital: 0 €

Profit / Loss for the year: (2016-2021) -0 €

Activities, services and products: Multiply Labs designs, develops and manufactures robotic systems to be used in the production of customized medicines intended for different routes of administration. The company caters to pharmaceutical industries.

Operational contact: Dr. Alice Melocchi, Tel. +39 02.503.24654

Website: https://www.multiplylabs.com/ 

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