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Services and third mission  

DISFARM promotes and carries out cultural and training activities consistent with its purposes intended for individuals operating in the area, as well as activities for professional development within the framework of programs dedicated to permanent and continuing education. The Department participates in the creation of paths with orientation purposes aimed at high school students in the area. It favors and participates in national and international cooperation with research parties and private companies operating in the chemical, chemical-pharmaceutical, chemical-toxicological, pharmaceutical-technological, biochemical, pharmacological and clinical fields. Researchers of DISFARM provide technical-scientific skills to industrial and forensic field. This section provides information on the different forms of cooperation and the related implementation procedures. The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences interacts directly with society and the territory in the activities of the Third Mission (https://www.unimi.it/en/third-mission) alongside the traditional teaching tasks (first mission, which is based on interaction with students) and research (second mission, mainly collaborating with scientific communities or peers). With the Third Mission, the Department comes into direct contact with subjects and social groups other than those consolidated in the academic field and therefore makes use of very variable form depending on the context.

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