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ERC fields and Research Units "S. Nicosia"  


  • LS1 Molecules of Life: Biological Mechanisms, Structures and Functions
  • LS2 Integrative Biology: from Genes and Genomes to Systems
  • LS3 Cellular, Developmental and Regenerative Biology
  • LS4 Physiology in Health, Disease and Ageing
  • LS5 Neuroscience and Disorders of the Nervous System
  • LS7 Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Human Diseases
  • LS8 Environmental Biology, Ecology and Evolution
  • LS9 Biotechnology and Biosystems Engineering


  • Pharmacological Biotechnology and Gender Physiopathology (LS4, LS7)
  • Pharmacology of Lipid Mediators in Inflammation and Resolution (LS1, LS2, LS4, LS7)
  • Pharmacology of Thrombosis and Atherosclerosis (LS4, LS5, LS7)
  • Molecular pharmacology, cellular and behavioral physiology (LS1, LS2, LS3, LS4, LS5, LS7)
  • Infection Dynamics (LS7)
  • Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology of Purinergic Transmission (LS1, LS2, LS3, LS5, LS7, LS9)
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