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Inhybri Group (Inorganic and hybrid molecular systems for biomedical applications)  


Inhybri Group (Inorganic and hybrid molecular systems for biomedical applications)


Responsabile scientificoProf.ssa Luisa De Cola
ComponentiDott.ssa Isabella Rimoldi, Dott. Giorgio Facchetti, Dott. Jonathan Zuidema
Sito internethttps://www.decolalab.com/


The “Inorganic and hybrid molecular systems for biomedical applications (INHYBRI)” team is working in 4 different fields, at the interfaces between molecular science and materials.:

  1. Hydrogels for biomedical applications
  2. Nanovectors for drugs and biomolecules delivery, metabolites uptake and diagnostics
  3. Metallo drugs and metalloenzymes
  4. Self-assembly of metal complexes


The research deals with systems that are fully biocompatible and are able to be completely eliminated by the body of the animals after their function has been achieved. Thanks to the active collaborations with clinical institutions and research centers the systems created  in the group can be tested and their final activity is evaluated in animal models. 

In addition, the different expertises present in the team allows to approach also problems related to the environment. Indeed, the final goal for all the research done in the group is to have an impact on society either by curing a disease or by improving fundamental knowledge that can lead to innovative discoveries. Transfer of knowledge to companies and hospitals is part of the scope of our research 

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