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Sezione di Chimica Generale e Organica "A. Marchesini"  


In the modern era, the application of organic and inorganic chemistry in different research fields such as life and materials sciences, biotechnology and bioengineering, nanotechnology and communications, has made possible an extraordinary technological progress, leading to the development of new products useful to improve the quality of life.

The core of these new products are molecules. As consequence, it is indispensable design new molecules and understand how they interact with each other and with their specific targets, as well as identify new sustainable and selective synthetic methodologies to produce them. The final goal is to develop effective products and efficient processes for all different areas of interest.

The professors and researchers of General and Organic Chemistry Section “Alessandro Marchesini” of DISFARM own specific skills in organic and organometallic synthesis, catalysis, computational chemistry and molecular characterization. These skills allow research groups to range over in the chemical field from basic to applied research.

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