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Mobility opportunities for study / traineeship  

Currently, the University offers to undergraduates, and recent graduates the following international mobility opportunities:


The Interdepartmental Didactic College (CDI) of Pharmaceutical Sciences recognizes to students who have carried out mobility activities:

• credits corresponding to the activity carried out

• an additional score to the degree grade (0-3 points) depending on the activity carried out, the length of stay and the didactic result achieved.



Find out about the opportunities by reading the dedicated pages and contacting the departmental representatives.

Take part in the information meetings organized by your representatives (the meetings are held in December; the dates are published on the degree course website)

on Teams (Erasmus and international mobility) (presentation). On Teams you will find the recording of the meetings and further information.

Have you chosen to participate in the Erasmus + program?

If you wish to carry out an internship, a degree thesis, CONTACT as soon as possible the reference person for the destination you are interested in.

If you wish to attend courses / take exams, CONTACT the reference person for your course of study ASAP.


Have you chosen to participate in the Swiss Mobility, LERU Stream, thesis abroad calls?

Contact the Departmental Representatives



Contact the Department reference to fill in the Learning agreement / Traineeship agreement.

Whatever the program chosen, the documentation certifying the training program must be compiled according to the rules established by the Faculty.



Contact the Erasmus Coordinator in advance, on the date of return, to prepare the documentation.

In the absence of the correct documentation, it will not be possible to recognize the activity carried out and the corresponding credits.

The documents relating to mobility must be delivered both to the Promotion and International Mobility Office and to the Erasmus Coordinator, each for the relevant documentation.

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