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Departmental contacts

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences: Prof. S. Romeo

Department of Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences: Prof.ssa S. Ceruti


Each course of study has an internal contact person:

• Pharmacy: Prof.ssa S. Ceruti

• CTF: Prof.ssa A. Romanelli

• Pharmaceutical Biotechnology: Prof.ssa A. Cariboni

• Herbal sciences and technologies: Prof.ssa  A. Casiraghi, Prof.ssa L. Fumagalli

• Sciences and chemical-toxicological safety of drugs: Prof.ssa P. RestaniDr. M. Gomaraschi

• Biotechnology: Prof. A. Scarafoni

• Safety Assessment of Xenobiotics and biotechnological Products: Prof.ssa A. Cariboni

For further information please contact:

Promotion and International Mobility Office

Email: international.mobility@unimi.it

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