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The University of Milan has for some time been carrying out collaboration agreements and projects with more than 300 partners in Europe alone.

These collaborations were promoted by the initiative of the teaching staff with the support of the International Educational and Training Agreements and Projects Office.

There are many activities envisaged by the agreements and collaborations promoted by the European Commission and in the context of other international programs, intended for students and recent graduates who allow them to deepen their training, test themselves in an international context, update their curriculum or obtain a linguistic certification.

Equally important are the mobility opportunities for teaching staff, recipients of exchange projects aimed at disseminating specific knowledge or innovative themes, studies and research that have as their objective personal training and the improvement of teaching.

Erasmus+ Staff Training is the European Commission program that offers interesting training opportunities abroad, through periods of stay with the partners participating in the program, is aimed at the University's technical and administrative staff.

For more detailed information, please visit the section dedicated to international training on the University website or contact the International Mobility and Promotion Office.

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