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EFMC-YSN: Chiara Borsari has been elected Chair for 2023 and 2024

Chiara Borsari

Chiara Borsari has been elected Chair of the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology Young Scientists Network (EFMC-YSN). She is a L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellow working in the research group of Prof. Paola Conti at DISFARM.

For the next two years, Chiara will coordinate the EFMC-YSN activities aiming to inspire, connect and provide opportunities to early-career medicinal chemists and chemical biologists in Europe.

What is the EFMC and its Young Scientists Network (YSN)?

EFMC is an independent association that represents 29 scientific organizations from 25 European countries. It actively promotes cooperation and encourages strong links between the national adhering organizations, to deepen contacts and exchanges between medicinal chemists and chemical biologists in Europe and around the World. EFMC stands as a global key player contributing to advance the science of medicinal chemistry and chemical biology. It fulfils its objective by (i) organizing symposia and short courses, (ii) sponsoring meetings and medicinal chemistry schools, (iii) fostering communication, and (iv) conferring awards and prizes.
EFMC created the YSN to support early-career medicinal chemists and chemical biologists, and better include them in the scientific community. It also wanted to involve early career scientists in the rapid changes associated with the emergence of novel communication channels, as well as to foster the participation of women, since their percentage was rapidly increasing in the younger generation of scientists. Its motivation was clearly to enable early career scientists to influence EFMC′s activities and its long-term strategy, while recognizing and addressing their current needs. Gratifyingly, the YSN has recruited a very dynamic group of enthusiastic members, ensuring that all career stages have a voice in EFMC and actively contribute in shaping the community. The EFMC-YSN does not strictly enforce an age limit and allows people who followed non-traditional career paths to join at any time. The general aim of YSN is to bring young people together, and provide opportunities to medicinal chemists and chemical biologists early in their career.

For further details: chiara.borsari@unimi.it; https://www.unimi.it/en/ugov/person/chiara-borsari

18 January 2023
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