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Ph.D. Students  


PhD. studentTutor/CotutorPersonal pagePhD. Project
Angelica ArtasensiDr. Laura Fumagalli Repurposing and morphing: a combined strategy to design multitarget ligands

Susanna Bertuletti

Dr. Sergio Riva Exploiting oxidoreductases, hydrolases and transaminases as stereo- and regio-selective biocatalysts in organic synthesis
Dario Brambilla

Dr. Marcella Chiari

 LinkedinImmuno-affinity capture and release of Extracellular Vesicles and their characterization as novel diagnostic tools
Marco MasperoProf. Clelia Dallanoce Design and synthesis of new PET radiotracers in drug discovery
Silvia RadrezzaProf. Marina Carini
Dr. Alfonsina D'Amato
 LinkedinQuantitative lipidomics and proteomics in Medicinal Chemistry
Marco UboldiProf. Lucia Zema LinkedinDesign and manufacturing of indwelling delivery systems intended for intravesical drug
Francesco VaghiProf. Maria Luisa Gelmi Heterocyclic beta-amino acid as toppa for peptidomimetic and modified PNA synthesis

XXXIV cycle PhD Students REPRESENTATIVE: Silvia Radrezza

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